One quarter into 2019 and Spring is here in the Rockies! We all know that means a bit of unpredictable weather, some beautiful sunny days and others that will still bring us snow. The snow that we have received in Colorado recently has been great.  It has brought our area from the classification of severe drought to almost normal. With this in mind, we still caution you about wildfires.  Our light fuels, such as grasses will dry out very quickly with even short durations of warm weather. Ensuring your home is fire safe is an excellent idea coming into the Spring.  A few helpful tips include: ensuring that you do not have wood piles or other belongings stacked up against the home, storing propane tanks a safe distance from structures or if they are stored inside of a structure, be sure to keep them away from any heat or ignition source, and keeping decorative grasses near your home at short and manageable heights to avoid them acting like a torch in the event of a fire. We will be running a series on Facebook in the coming weeks with more fire safe tips to keep us all safer during the upcoming wildfire season. Our wildland team stands at the ready after a winter full of intense training to keep their skills sharp and be ready for the coming months of fire season. As always, we will keep the community informed when our team is mobilized on an incident. We sincerely appreciate how many of our community members reach out in support of the team and their families when they are mobilized on an incident.

I am pleased to announce that the 2019 South Group Training Academy is underway.  Security, Fountain, and Hanover fire departments have teamed up to teach these new academy members the ropes. The candidates are all being provided the training necessary to be firefighters. They have been successful in their studies and hands-on practice and we are excited for them.  In addition to training the new fire academy candidates together, Security, Fountain, and Hanover fire departments maintain automatic aid responses to wildland and structure fires within the Fountain Valley area.  This has bred a close bond among the departments providing many opportunities to better us all.

It is my sincere hope that this Spring is great for our community. Here soon it will be time to think about Security Fire Department’s annual pancake breakfast for Independence Day!



Chief David Girardin


We strive to minimize suffering, loss of life and loss of property incurred by fire, accidents, disasters, and medical emergencies. Our goal is to provide the best possible emergency services to our community as well as the surrounding area through, education, fire prevention, and the response of highly trained fire and emergency personnel.  

Security Fire Department was founded in 1956 as a volunteer department for the Security-Widefield area. As our community grows, so does our fire department. We currently today have 35 paid full time employees along with about 30 volunteers. We have 3 stations staffed 24/7 along with 3 fully staffed ALS ambulances. Security is one of the busiest fire departments in El-Paso county responding to an average of 5200 calls a year.