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Summer is upon us and the overall message of this quarter’s Chief’s Corner is SAFETY.  As July approaches us, I would like to remind the community that the Security Fire Department follows the rules set forth by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office with regard to fireworks, a link to the guidelines will be placed on the Security Fire Department website.  2019 will be the first year in a while where it will be legal in unincorporated El Paso County to partake in fireworks.  That being said, remember that not all fireworks are permissible.  El Paso County Sheriff’s Office says that “a good rule of thumb to remember is if a firework flies through the air, explodes or shoots flaming balls, it is illegal”.  These illegal fireworks include: firecrackers of any type, bottle rockets, roman candles, and mortars to name a few.  Don’t be discouraged by this, there are many fireworks that are still permissible in our area.  Security-Widefield residents can always visit one of our local fireworks vendors and pick up snakes, sparklers, smoke bombs, ground spinners, and fountains.  Party noisemakers like snaps and pull string poppers are always legal and welcome for celebrations.  While we are lucky enough to be in unincorporated El Paso County, remember that our neighbors to the north and south in the cities of Colorado Springs and Fountain have their own rules on fireworks and fire bans.  Please check with those departments if you reside in one of their service areas and have any questions. 

While we have received quite a bit of precipitation as of late, with the hot and windy days of summer, grasses and shrubs can dry very quickly.  Strong afternoon thunderstorms are common occurrence in our area and can cause damaging effects from hail to fire. Try to be as prepared for weather events as possible.  Let’s have a safe Independence Day.  We should all celebrate and join together in some summer fun…hopefully full of our delicious Security Fire Department pancakes!  Our annual pancake breakfast will be held on July 4th from 06:00 to 11:00 and we would love to see you all out here. 

            A few big things come to mind when thinking of summer safety: bicycles, cooking outside, and swimming.  All things that add up to an amazing day when safely performed.  When riding a bike, stop at stop signs, obey traffic lights, and remember to wear your helmet!  There have been quite a few water accidents in the news lately and summer fun at the pool can quickly turn tragic.  Ensuring that no one ever swims alone and that children are always supervised with the undivided attention of an adult when in and around water can go a long way in the prevention of drowning and near drowning incidents. 

I know that the area kiddos were recently released from school for the summer, however, they will be back at it before we know it!  Keeping with the spirit of safety, I would like to remind all drivers to yield to pedestrians.  We all must take some extra time in school zones and be extra vigilant around crosswalks.  When parking at or around schools please don’t block crosswalks or fire hydrants and NEVER pass a school bus that is loading or unloading school children. 


Chief David Girardin


We strive to minimize suffering, loss of life and loss of property incurred by fire, accidents, disasters, and medical emergencies. Our goal is to provide the best possible emergency services to our community as well as the surrounding area through, education, fire prevention, and the response of highly trained fire and emergency personnel.  

Security Fire Department was founded in 1956 as a volunteer department for the Security-Widefield area. As our community grows, so does our fire department. We currently today have 35 paid full time employees along with about 30 volunteers. We have 3 stations staffed 24/7 along with 3 fully staffed ALS ambulances. Security is one of the busiest fire departments in El-Paso county responding to an average of 5200 calls a year.