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Structural Firefighting

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Security Fire Protection District helps fight wildland fires far and wide. 


Keeping Our Community Safe

At the Security Fire Department, we take our role in protecting our community seriously. One of our most important duties is to respond to structural fires, which can be some of the most dangerous situations firefighters face. Our highly trained, experienced team uses the latest techniques and equipment to keep our firefighters and the public safe.

image of large garage filled with fire


What is Structural Fire Fighting?

Structural fire fighting refers to the methods and procedures used by firefighters to extinguish fires in buildings and other structures. This can include everything from single-family homes to large commercial buildings. Our firefighters are trained to assess the situation, locate the source of the fire, and deploy the appropriate tools and techniques to safely and effectively extinguish the flames.


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Our Structural Fire Fighting History

In the early days of the department, emergency notifications were made through three sirens located in the fire district. However, in the early 80s, the department purchased a new paging system which allowed for more specific notifications to be sent to fire stations and personnel. Today, the department is dispatched 24/7 by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center.

The department has grown significantly over the years, with additional fire stations being opened and paid staff being hired to complement volunteer firefighters. We’ve come a long way from our roots as a 100% volunteer department. Currently, fire station 4 is under construction and will house a heavy rescue truck/pumper and a paramedic ambulance. Additionally, plans are in place for the construction of a fifth station in the near future.